Construction Design and Management (CDM)

Everyone controlling site work has health and safety responsibilities. Checking that working conditions are healthy and safe before work begins, and ensuring that the proposed work is not going to put others at risk, require planning and organisation. This applies whatever the size of the site.

CDM 2015 places legal duties on virtually everyone involved in construction work.

To help you comply with your legal duties under these regulations, TCH Safety has prepared various document templates. The templates are written in Microsoft Word format and are easy to edit and update. These templates are an essential tool to ensure compliance.

Templates Available To Buy

Product Price
Pre Construction Information Form £35
Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan £35
Health & Safety File £35
CDM Document Template Pack consisting of :
  • L153 Management of Health & Safety in Construction
  • CDM Checklist
  • CDM Review Form
  • Competency Assessment form - contractors
  • Competency Assessment form - designers
  • Pre Construction Information Form
  • Construction Phase H&S Plan
  • F10 Notification Form
  • Health Safety File

Are you complying with the Law?