Health & Safety Competent Person Package

Every employer is required under law to appoint a Competent Person (or Competent Persons) to assist them meet their legal health and safety obligations. This is a requirement under the Management of Health & safety regulations 1999. This means an employer must appoint someone competent to provide sound advice on all matters of health and safety.

Within the UK it is a mandatory legal duty to appoint a competent person or persons. An employer who has not made an appointment of a suitable person to fulfil the role is in breach of a statutory duty under health and safety legislation and therefore becomes liable to criminal prosecution.

The appointed Competent Person may be an internal appointment supported by external expertise or an external appointment. In either case as professional health and safety consultants we can provide a competent person package so that you are able to meet this most fundamental obligation.

With the Competent Person Package the employer appoints TCH Safety Health and Safety consultants to act as their competent person. This may be a very suitable option for small businesses who do not have the resources, or who do not have someone sufficient competent in health and safety, to make an internal appointment. The basic package entitles you to use the TCH Safety name and access to telephone support and advice. Once payment is complete a letter of appointment and contact details will be emailed to you.

At only £120 this is a must have requirement for any business.

Are you complying with the law?